VVA #82 Nassau County's Chapter Long Island New York ― The 2004 - 2005 National Chapter of the Year!

VVA 82


Rolls of Honor

"It is rather for us the living... that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they here gave the last full measure of devotion - that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth."
Abraham Lincoln, Our 16th President, 1861-1865

VVA Chapter 82 Remembers

Last Name First Name  Panel  Row  Service  Hamlet State
Carney Walter J. 22W 038 Army New York New York
Danna Joseph J., Jr. 06W 124 Army Vineland New Jersey
Oxendine Willie F. III 63W 019 Marine Corps Fairmont North Carolina
Rand Michael 11E 119 Army New York New York

Nassau County Long Island New York - VVA Chapter 82 Nassau County's Chapter

ARMY 217

Last Name First Name  Panel  Row  Service  Hamlet Town
Abruzzesa Michael John Jr 45W 59 Army Valley Stream TOH
Agugliaro Matthew John 32E 56 Army West Hempstead TOH
Alberici Michael 47W 59 Marine Corps Floral Park TOH
Aldrich Robert Henry 02W 132 Marine Corps Port Washington TONH
Allen Channing Jr 15E 38 Army Albertson TONH
Anderson Peter Newell 31E 8 Army Uniondale TOH
Anderson Steven Richard 40E 20 Army Levittown TOH
Andrysiak Francis Howard 34E 13 Army Glen Head TOBAY
Arnett Francis Ienatius 39E 16 Army Sea Cliff TOBAY
Avolese Paul Andrew 23E 25 Air Force East Meadow TOH
Barber Christopher James 54E 42 Marine Corps Farmingdale TOBAY
Barbera Peter 15E 13 Army Laurel Hollow TOBAY
Barry Edward Francis 32W 36 Army Wantagh TOH
Bausch Barry Ralph 25W 60 Army Elmont TOH
Becker William John 14W 16 Marine Corps Lakeview TOH
Bennett Clifford Raymond 35E 65 Marine Corps Westbury TONH
Benvenuto Theodore F Jr 19W 8 Army Uniondale TOH
Bigelow Lawrence Carroll 12W 95 Army Lake View TOH
Bivetto Charles Fred 17E 83 Army Elmont TOH
Bloemhard Anton D 41E 6 Army Great Neck TONH
Boardman Davis James 36E 48 Army Port Washington TONH
Bolson James Joseph 37W 28 Army Plainview TOBAY
Bonventre Thomas S 21W 58 Army Elmont TOH
Brezinski Charles Anthony 34W 82 Marine Corps Oyster Bay TOBAY
Britton Thomas Wesley Jr 07E 116 Marine Corps Great Neck TONH
Broullon Anthony Joseph 18W 58 Army Hempstead TOH
Brown Richard 21E 3 Marine Corps Rockville Centre TOH
Bruno Edward 20W 106 Marine Corps Long Beach LONGBEACH
Buckley Robert Walter 24W 58 Army Uniondale TOH
Bukovinsky Andrew Thomas 42W 15 Marine Corps Manhasset TONH
Burke John Joseph 37E 30 Marine Corps New Hyde Park TOH
Burns Frederick John 32E 56 Marine Corps Merrick TOH
Buscemi Anthony Peter 35W 11 Army Bellerose TOH
Cafiero Lester Vincent Jr 13W 115 Army West Hempstead TOH
Cain Robert Emmet 10W 68 Army Levittown TOH
Canamare George Joseph 33W 83 Army Cedarhurst TOH
Canan Harold Jeffrey 26E 70 Army Oceanside TOH
Carlin Stephen Bernard 35W 58 Army Oceanside TOH
Carpenter George Whitney 15E 54 Marine Corps Cedarhurst TOH
Carroll Kevin James 15E 19 Marine Corps East Meadow TOH
Casey Paul William 19E 125 Army Merrick TOH
Casey Thomas Jerome Jr 32W 42 Army Wantagh TOH
Cassidy Donald Thomas 12E 16 Army Bellerose TOH
Chimeri Louis 55E 6 Marine Corps Island Park TOH
Chomyk William 51E 29 Air Force Hicksville TOBAY
Cicio Robert Daniel 50E 12 Marine Corps Farmingdale TOBAY
Clemens Roger O 43W 34 Air Force Rockville Centre TOH
Coates Paul James 63W 15 Marine Corps Merrick TOH
Cockerl James Calvin 24W 52 Marine Corps Lynbrook TOH
Cohen Gerald 51E 17 Army Levittown TOH
Cole Richard Milton Jr 01W 44 Air Force Uniondale TOH
Colorio Joseph 19W 11 Marine Corps Massapequa TOBAY
Colwell William Kevin 04E 36 Air Force Glen Cove GLENCOVE
Coulon John Gerard Jr 44W 22 Army Hempstead TOH
Cramer Parker Dresser 01E 22 Army Wantagh TOH
Crandall Wayne Stephens 36W 49 Army Farmingdale TOBAY
Crudo Richard Frank 21W 44 Marine Corps East Meadow TOH
D Ambra Joseph Nick 57E 18 Army Franklin Square TOH
Daly James Joseph 07W 69 Army Farmingdale TOBAY
De Luca Thomas Steven Jr 27W 24 Army Mineola TOH
Deblasio Raymond Vince Jr 03W 80 Navy West Hempstead TOH
Delaplaine Donald Lynn 03W 92 Army Bayville TOBAY
Devlin Joseph William 13W 96 Marine Corps Merrick TOH
Di Domizio John 25E 97 Marine Corps New Hyde Park TOH
Diamond Stephen Whitman 09E 38 Air Force Roslyn Heights TONH
Dice Carl Richard 15W 39 Air Force Sea Cliff TOBAY
Dilger Herbert Hugh 17W 25 Navy Valley Stream TOH
Diliberto Kim Michael 19W 53 Army Massapequa TOBAY
Donlon Michael Patrick 08E 10 Army Lynbrook TOH
Doody Albert Charles 10E 79 Marine Corps Franklin Square TOH
Dowd Thomas Brown 15E 127 Marine Corps Manhasset TONH
Dry Melvin Spence 01W 38 Navy Kings Point TONH
Dugan John Frederick 20E 113 Marine Corps Merrick TOH
Edelman Irwin Leon 32W 54 Army Sea Cliff TOBAY
Eisert Harold Bernard Jr 14W 17 Army Lawrence TOH
Eliot Bruce Jr 42E 30 Army Manhasset TONH
Ellison Greg Benson 34W 23 Army Bellmore TOH
England Gary Lloyd 31E 40 Marine Corps Greenvale TOBAY
Enners Raymond James 43W 26 Army Farmingdale TOBAY
Esposito Frank Carl 16E 58 Army Bellerose TOH
Esposito William 22E 30 Army Malverne TOH
Evans John Harper Jr 08W 90 Air Force Hempstead TOH
Ewing Arthur Richard 27E 19 Army Roosevelt TOH
Faccio Robert Daniel 41W 52 Army Uniondale TOH
Farinaro Guido 50W 37 Marine Corps Bethpage TOBAY
Fauser Russell Jay Jr 39E 46 Marine Corps Long Beach LONGBEACH
Ferguson Richard Harold 57W 17 Army Port Washington TONH
Fernandez Gary Dennis 33E 77 Army Levittown TOH
Ferrara Michael John 43E 18 Marine Corps Massapequa TOBAY
Ferrazzano John Raymond 41W 69 Marine Corps New Hyde Park TOH
Ferril John Henry Ii 23E 25 Marine Corps Rockville Centre TOH
Fetner Harold Everett 20E 58 Army East Meadow TOH
Finnegan John Joseph 21E 4 Army New Hyde Park TOH
Finnegan Robert Michael 36E 7 Army Garden City TOH
Florio Roland Louie 48W 17 Army Massapequa TOBAY
Foran Patrick Joseph 14E 128 Army Westbury TONH
Frese Steven Robert 44W 24 Army Wantagh TOH
Gabrys Stephen Michael 26W 79 Army Bellerose TOH
Gallagher Gerald Thomas 38E 67 Army West Hempstead TOH
Gallagher Michael Joseph 28E 23 Army New Hyde Park TOH
Gallagher Patrick 17E 71 Marine Corps Lynbrook TOH
Garcia Edward Marc 02W 7 Army Westbury TONH
Geddes Kerry Richard Foster 34E 68 Army Levittown TOH
Geoghegan Peter Daniel 08E 30 Army Mineola TOH
Gershnow Steven Andrew 51W 4 Army Woodmere TOH
Gerstel Howard Martin 27E 48 Army Hewlett TOH
Gerstenlauer Peter F 35W 64 Air Force North Merrick TOH
Giannelli Alan Robert 44W 56 Army Massapequa TOBAY
Gideon Richard Edward 36E 72 Army Valley Stream TOH
Gilbert Patrick Joseph 12E 95 Army Mineola TOH
Giretti Anthony Alfred 29W 77 Marine Corps Baldwin TOH
Gladding Daniel George 57E 22 Army Seaford TOH
Glassey John Girard 27W 87 Army East Meadow TOH
Glenn Edward Francis Jr 08W 49 Army Levittown TOH
Glidden Arthur 12E 47 Army Baldwin TOH
Grabow Otto Charles 20E 28 Marine Corps Bethpage TOBAY
Graham Armand Roy 13E 83 Army Long Beach LONGBEACH
Grande Robert Joseph 32E 17 Army Roslyn TONH
Grant Kellum Warren 54E 34 Army Levittown TOH
Graver Raymond Charles Jr 12W 97 Army Wantagh TOH
Gray Thomas Alan 15E 58 Army Massapequa TOBAY
Grayson Joe Edward 35W 65 Army Roosevelt TOH
Grompone James John 35W 42 Army Greenvale TOBAY
Harper Richard Walker 36E 12 Army Baldwin TOH
Harrington James A Jr 46E 55 Army Locust Valley TOBAY
Harrison Johnny 07E 71 Army Hempstead TOH
Harrison Robert Heerman 01W 44 Air Force Massapequa Park TOBAY
Hasenflug James Michael 16W 52 Marine Corps Bethpage TOBAY
Heissenbuttel Peter Herma 36E 74 Army Baldwin TOH
Henaghan William Frederic 01W 18 Army Bethpage TOBAY
Henson Frank Theodore 01W 18 Army Massapequa TOBAY
Hoare Thomas Joseph Jr 34E 68 Marine Corps Bellerose TOH
Hollenbach Donald Walter 30E 63 Army Levittown TOH
Hominick Howard Hugh 52E 30 Army Carle Place TONH
Hueffner Richard Alan 40E 75 Marine Corps Oceanside TOH
Huestis Roger Edward 31E 92 Navy North Merrick TOH
Huey Donald Raymond 07W 53 Army Farmingdale TOBAY
Hufschmid Robert George 39W 8 Army Hewlett TOH
Inslee Raymond Stephen 12W 57 Army Levittown TOH
Jackowski Dennis Eugene 11W 7 Army Inwood TOH
Jackson Thomas Peter Jr 24W 67 Army Westbury TONH
Janoska John Jay Jr 14W 29 Army Plainview TOBAY
Jantzen Leonard F 17E 124 Army Bethpage TOBAY
Johns Micky James 10E 124 Marine Corps Levittown TOH
Johnson Kenneth 38W 82 Army Levittown TOH
Jones Walter Chapman Iii 48E 5 Marine Corps Garden City TOH
Jordan Terence Patrick 33E 70 Marine Corps Wantagh TOH
Jozefowski Thomas Joseph 01W 49 Air Force Bayville TOBAY
Juers Roy James 26E 60 Marine Corps East Norwich TOBAY
Karopczyc Stephen Edward 16E 69 Army Bethpage TOBAY
Kearse Julius Joey 19E 60 Army Inwood TOH
Keepnews John Arthur 59W 23 Marine Corps Manhasset TONH
Kelley Bernard James 01E 122 Army Roslyn TONH
Kendrick James Michael 16E 61 Army Bellmore TOH
King Jon Marc 06W 93 Air Force Hempstead TOH
Kisch Robert Anthony 24E 30 Marine Corps Garden City TOH
Kitson John Francis 20W 36 Marine Corps Levittown TOH
Klenert William Blue 11E 99 Navy Bellmore TOH
Klestinec Albert F Jr 09E 15 Marine Corps Massapequa TOBAY
Klingman Ronald Arthur 17W 50 Marine Corps Levittown TOH
Knecht Adam Dyckman 56E 26 Army Oceanside TOH
Koch Lawrence George 38W 67 Army Merrick TOH
Kozma Carl Noel 32W 79 Army Hicksville TOBAY
Kreuscher Donald Edward 29E 101 Army Merrick TOH
Krische John Daniel 28E 26 Army West Hempstead TOH
Kubinciak Robert Joseph 23E 29 Army Massapequa TOBAY
La Barbera Richard F 08E 87 Army Freeport TOH
Lapes Donald Arthur 20W 15 Army Hempstead TOH
Larkin William Ronald 33W 49 Marine Corps Hempstead TOH
Larue Donald Edward Jr 02W 17 Army Hempstead TOH
Lavery Gregg Eugene 45E 24 Marine Corps Syosset TOBAY
Leahy Robert Michael 59W 25 Marine Corps Roosevelt TOH
Leeser Leonard Charles 14W 75 Air Force Floral Park TOH
Lipton Joseph Price 19E 6 Marine Corps Floral Park TOH
Liszcz Robert Stanley 16E 93 Army Hempstead TOH
Lodge Robert Alfred 01W 19 Air Force Lynbrook TOH
Lovan Peter John 50W 51 Marine Corps Elmont TOH
Ludecker Robert 19E 62 Army Baldwin TOH
Lupo Joseph Charles 25E 47 Army Massapequa TOBAY
Lupoli Albert Francis Jr 54W 31 Army Valley Stream TOH
Mac Lean Weston David 09E 56 Marine Corps Westbury TONH
Mac Millan Gordon Alan 22W 106 Army East Meadow TOH
Macedonio Carmine Angelo 06W 113 Army Williston Park TONH
Maiorana Ronald Vincent 30E 71 Marine Corps Oceanside TOH
Mancuso Joseph Anthony 20E 46 Army North Bellmore TOH
Mandarino Joseph 38E 6 Army North Bellmore TOH
Manners Ralph William 46W 31 Air Force New Hyde Park TOH
Mannina Michael Carmelo 39W 44 Army Bellmore TOH
Mansfield William Granvil 11E 126 Army Massapequa Park TOBAY
Marfurt Richard Agust Jr 15W 87 Army Rockville Centre TOH
Martinez Israel Jr 18W 11 Army Great Neck TONH
Mason Harold Jr 63W 9 Army Hempstead TOH
Matejov Joseph Andrew 01W 115 Air Force East Meadow TOH
Mazzone Joseph Mark 43W 64 Army Hicksville TOBAY
Mc Caffrey Gerald William 41E 41 Army Bethpage TOBAY
Mc Caffrey James William 33E 21 Army Farmingdale TOBAY
Mc Carthy John Niles 24W 97 Army Glen Cove GLENCOVE
Mc Govern Kevin Bernard 52W 19 Army Freeport TOH
Mc Grath Daniel William 20W 25 Army Levittown TOH
Mc Inerney Richard Nash 16E 63 Army Garden City TOH
Mearns Arthur Stewart 12E 55 Air Force Great Neck TONH
Meehan Raymond Patrick 02E 29 Army Rockville Centre TOH
Meeker Robert Irwin 32W 55 Army Woodmere TOH
Meerholz Charles J Jr 51E 26 Army Bellmore TOH
Melahn Peter T 31E 81 Army Woodmere TOH
Melnick Joel 07E 44 Army Merrick TOH
Messenger Kenneth Edward 55E 23 Army Wantagh TOH
Miller Donald John 12E 129 Marine Corps Farmingdale TOBAY
Millett Steven Lawrence 21E 69 Marine Corps Massapequa TOBAY
Minutoli John Robert 17E 112 Army Bayville TOBAY
Mitchell Richard A 08E 38 Army Glen Head TOBAY
Moinester Robert William 36E 25 Navy Lynbrook TOH
Molano Charles Edward 27E 82 Army Wantagh TOH
Molese Dennis Patrick 19E 121 Army Freeport TOH
Montague William Joseph 13W 2 Army Valley Stream TOH
Montone Kenneth Michael 26E 105 Marine Corps Great Neck TONH
Moody Stephen True 21W 47 Army Malverne TOH
Morano Thomas Lawrence 14W 116 Army Freeport TOH
Morgan Michael Roy 18E 125 Marine Corps Bethpage TOBAY
Morgan William S Ii 12E 35 Army Farmingdale TOBAY
Moriarty Thomas William 10W 126 Army Elmont TOH
Morrissey Richard Thomas 19W 71 Marine Corps Uniondale TOH
Morse William Joseph 54E 12 Army Glen Cove GLENCOVE
Mossman Harry Seeber 01W 68 Navy Manhasset TONH
Motto Thomas Nicholas 21W 54 Army Mineola TOH
Murphy Edward Theodore 20E 85 Marine Corps Levittown TOH
Murphy Patrick James 60E 26 Marine Corps Levittown TOH
Murray Dennis Brian 22W 34 Army Glen Cove GLENCOVE
Nelson Richard William 19W 64 Army Valley Stream TOH
Nicolini Richard Domenic 47E 35 Army Elmont TOH
Nix Henry Lewis 39W 56 Army Westbury TONH
Norris Alin Emile 03W 20 Army Floral Park TOH
Nuebel William George Jr 29E 101 Army East Williston TONH
O Grady John Francis 18E 12 Air Force New Hyde Park TOH
O Neill James Raymond 01E 18 Air Force Levittown TOH
Odierno John William 17E 11 Army Farmingdale TOBAY
Ohler Frederick Richard 49E 25 Army Garden City TOH
Owens Walter Albert 31E 30 Army Uniondale TOH
Pacio George Henry 06W 135 Air Force Long Beach LONGBEACH
Palazzola Stephen Frank 43E 29 Army Levittown TOH
Palenscar Robert Joseph 63E 19 Army New Hyde Park TOH
Parker William Hill 59W 11 Marine Corps Rockville Centre TOH
Parsons Don Brown Jr 10E 121 Navy Freeport TOH
Patterson Richard Alan 10W 36 Army Levittown TOH
Penfold Peter Allan 28E 29 Marine Corps Oceanside TOH
Peterson Thomas Payne 36W 86 Army Seaford TOH
Petraglia Angelo Andrew 36W 41 Army Valley Stream TOH
Petrillo John James 37E 66 Army Farmingdale TOBAY
Pfeifer Ronald Edwin 11E 53 Marine Corps Bellerose TOH
Piambino Joseph Robert 17E 23 Army Bellmore TOH
Piazza Robert Gary 48E 33 Marine Corps Merrick TOH
Pinder John Joseph 25E 71 Army Bellerose TOH
Pitt Albert 04E 85 Marine Corps Hempstead TOH
Pizzuto Louis Edward 14E 20 Army Lynbrook TOH
Plotkin Martin Louis 22E 1 Army Lynbrook TOH
Polchow William Alfred 35E 18 Marine Corps Port Washington TONH
Polizzi Salvatore Frank 23E 62 Army Wantagh TOH
Proscia Richard Michael 32E 4 Army New Hyde Park TOH
Pullen Thomas Richard 50W 39 Army Oyster Bay TOBAY
Rausch Robert Ernest 11W 14 Air Force Hicksville TOBAY
Reed Charles Michael 07W 53 Army Baldwin TOH
Reichert William Francis 05W 66 Army Valley Stream TOH
Reikmanis Viesturs 20W 104 Army Freeport TOH
Reithmann Timothy Charles 37E 12 Army Valley Stream TOH
Repeta Henry James 01W 104 Air Force Syosset TOBAY
Rizzo John Michael Jr 14W 34 Army Oceanside TOH
Robinson Donald Frederick 20W 128 Army Long Beach LONGBEACH
Roraback Kenneth M 01E 34 Army Baldwin TOH
Rost James Francis Jr 16W 90 Navy Malverne TOH
Rowcroft Michael J 44W 16 Army Roosevelt TOH
Rudolph Walter William 30W 30 Army Manhasset TONH
Ruggero Victor Joseph Jr 16E 70 Army Freeport TOH
Rupert John Michael 39E 12 Army New Hyde Park TOH
Salter James William 14W 25 Army Westbury TONH
Saltz Eric Donn 19W 98 Army Plainview TOBAY
Sanders Thomas Andrew 02E 30 Air Force Massapequa TOBAY
Sandman Mitchell Harvey 23W 58 Army Syosset TOBAY
Sanzone Robert Benjamin 20E 35 Army Levittown TOH
Sanzoverino William Eugen 56E 31 Army Bayville TOBAY
Saporito Michael Charles 41W 15 Army Valley Stream TOH
Sawtelle Paul Coburn 04W 129 Army Hicksville TOBAY
Schiavone Ralph 41W 1 Air Force Hicksville TOBAY
Schmidt Robert Gustave 23W 11 Marine Corps Levittown TOH
Schofer Karl Andrew 22W 7 Army Massapequa TOBAY
Scibelli Thomas Anthony 15W 100 Army New Hyde Park TOH
Scruton Kenneth Charles 33E 53 Army Mineola TOH
Shanks James Lee 69E 2 Air Force Freeport TOH
Sheehan Allen Paul 45E 9 Marine Corps Muttontown TOBAY
Sheridan Philip Francis 50E 1 Marine Corps Garden City TOH
Shorten Timothy John 47E 27 Marine Corps Garden City TOH
Silbert Leo Vincent 14E 51 Army New Hyde Park TOH
Simone Joseph Ralph 11E 93 Marine Corps Merrick TOH
Skoch Eugene Richard 46W 23 Army East Meadow TOH
Smith Sidney Courtney M 03E 94 Army Manhasset TONH
Sodaitis George Frank 24E 97 Army Merrick TOH
Solomon Sidney Morton 10W 54 Air Force Roslyn Heights TONH
Sorrentino Gerald David 59W 18 Army Rockville Centre TOH
Stahl John Joseph 31W 23 Marine Corps Floral Park TOH
Stolz James Edward Jr 06W 69 Marine Corps Hicksville TOBAY
Swane Brian Edward 25W 15 Army Massapequa TOBAY
Swartz William Joseph 12W 19 Army Seaford TOH
Sweeney Bruce Robert J N 38W 39 Marine Corps Freeport TOH
Tanzola Carl Joseph Jr 33W 70 Army East Meadow TOH
Tappe Kenneth William Jr 28E 106 Army Floral Park TOH
Taylor Harry Edward 16E 32 Army Hempstead TOH
Thornlow Gary William 26W 16 Marine Corps East Rockaway TOH
Tomasovic Stanley Robert 11E 124 Army Hicksville TOBAY
Tremblay Alain Joseph 53W 40 Army Hempstead TOH
Trier Kenneth Robert 35E 35 Army Westbury TONH
Trinchitella Francis A 15W 80 Army Port Washington TONH
Turner Brendan Xavier 23W 80 Marine Corps Uniondale TOH
Tuthill Charles Preston 01E 31 Marine Corps Uniondale TOH
Ulrich George Henry 27E 32 Army Merrick TOH
Vallen Donald William Jr 24W 13 Army New Hyde Park TOH
Vercouteren Edward Arnold 21E 71 Marine Corps East Meadow TOH
Vetrano Gerald Michael 08W 64 Army Elmont TOH
Wainz Robert Michael 18E 83 Marine Corps Freeport TOH
Walkowski Paul Douglas 07E 100 Army Hicksville TOBAY
Walsh John Michael 26W 28 Army Valley Stream TOH
Warshawsky Joel Barry 27E 1 Marine Corps Floral Park TOH
Weidner Richard John 67W 7 Army Bellmore TOH
Weigle Thomas Herman 27W 12 Army South Farmingdale TOBAY
Weinper Arthur J 48E 56 Army Roslyn TONH
Weisman Alan N 12E 92 Army Roslyn Heights TONH
Westphal James Francis 14W 6 Army North Merrick TOH
Wicks William Arthur 08W 13 Army North Bellmore TOH
Wilenski Stanley Jr 11W 26 Army Hicksville TOBAY
Wilkie Charles David 31E 67 Army Bellerose TOH
Williamson Joel Stephen 30E 36 Marine Corps East Meadow TOH
Wingenfeld Robert John 09W 121 Army Williston Park TONH
Wolfries Lowell Astley 14E 41 Army East Meadow TOH
Wozniak Robert Andrew 34E 47 Army Bellerose TOH
Zupan John 17E 26 Army Hempstead TOH
Zwerlein Robert Louis 24E 65 Navy Port Washington TONH